kpLogo: k-mer probability logo

k-mer probability logo (kpLogo) is a motif tool for integrated detection and visualization of positionally enriched or depleted k-mers from one or two sets of sequences of identical length.

Given a set of sequences, either weighted or unweighted, kpLogo performs statistical tests to find the most enriched and depleted short motif (k-mer) at each position, and visualizes the results using a new type of logo called k-mer logo, in which the most enriched/depleted k-mer at each position is plotted vertically and scaled by its statistical significance. In addition, kpLogo also outputs traditional logo plots for letter frequency, information content, and probability logo.


Xuebing Wu and David Bartel (2017) kpLogo: positional k-mer analysis reveals hidden specificity in biological sequences, see preprint in bioRxiv.

Copyright (c) 2017 Xuebing Wu